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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Iberostar Cancan Hotel

Escaped the freezing cold in Chicago and spent a week in Cancun!

My stay at the Iberostar Cancun is also on YouTube

This time I stayed at the Iberostar Cancun Hotel, which is a quick 20 minute trip the airport. Iberostar Cancun is a 5-star All-Inclusive resort in the hotel zone of Cancun. It was the perfect time to visit with temperature in the mid 80's all day.

During the holidays the hotel lobby is decorated with a gorgeous white tree in lobby and holiday lights wrapped around palm trees. We even got a visit from Santa Claus! Since I stayed during the holidays, the hotel was more crowed than it normally would be. Before breakfast I would find the best spot at the pool to reserve because the good spots filled up very quickly.

There are multiple outdoor pools and even an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The beach was stunning with beautiful turquoise blue water. I spent a lot of time at the beach and jumping waves in the ocean. There was one day were the waves were so high no one was allowed in the water.

The food in the hotel was alright, but nothing too great-I guess that's what you can expect from an all inclusive resort. Most of the restaurants require reservations for dinner and I recommend reserving a table for every night of your stay as soon as you check into the hotel. If you cannot get an reservation to a restaurant your only option is the buffet. 

Every room gets a view, an ocean view! That's right, everyone gets an ocean view!! While every room faces the ocean, it is better to get a room on the east side of the hotel since you get a pool and ocean view. If you get a room on the west side of the hotel you get a view of construction and the ocean.  The room was cleaned daily and the staff would create cute animals from towels.

View from Room

Watch out for mosquitoes! During the evening they would bite if you do not have bug spray. Unfortunately I did not pack any so I got eaten alive! I was able to buy some bug spray at the small convenience store at the hotel, but the price was significantly higher than if I had bought some from back home. 

Overall all I was very pleased with my stay at the Iberostar Cancun. My favorite part was getting to swim in the  warm turquoise blue ocean water. My leased favorite part was the quality of the food. 

Below are pictures from my stay:


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