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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Exploring the city of London 2018

Summer would not have been complete without some vacation travels. I have many countries lined up for my summer travels. Some spots I revisited and some places are brand new for me.  First stop....London!

Having been to London two years ago, there are still many places in the city that are on the bucket list. This trip to London was only a few days, but each day was jack packed with sight seeing and good food. I stayed at the Hyatt Andaz and my full review of the hotel is Here

You may be surprised to hear this, but most of London's museums and art galleries have free admission.  Yes, free! This was a big surprise to me coming from Chicago, where every museum has admission fees. 

And for the rest of the sightseeing in London, I highly recommend the London pass.  It is a great value and you can do a lot in one day with the pass. You pay one price for the London Pass and can see as many attractions as you can in a day (that are included in the pass). 

Hyatt Andaz 
Website: Hyatt Andaz 

British Museum 

 National Gallery

Covent Garden for dinner 

Dessert at Laduree

Breakfast at Dishoom 

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Westminister Abbey

Tea Time at Sketch 

Boat ride on River Thames 

The Shard 

Masonic Temple

Tate Modern Art Museum 

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