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Friday, January 4, 2019

Top things to do and see in Skopje

This post on Skopje is long over due, as you may have seen from my Instagram that I visited Skopje this past summer. Life got very busy and I finally got around to sharing my Skopje experience.

This past summer was was my first time in Macedonia and I stayed in the capital. Skopje is very different from most cities in Europe. For one, it is not very large, so you can hit up all of the main sights and attractions in a day. We were in the city for about a day and a half before we headed to our next destination.  I did end up getting very sick while Macedonia and even ended up in the hospital. I think I got sick from someone on the plane and it took me a few days to recover. Luckily I got sick after my first day in Skopje so I was able to see quite a bit.

We stayed at Hotel Senigallia which is a boat hotel right on the river in the the center of the city.

(Hotel Senigallia)

There are several worthwhile things to do in Skopje; here are just a few:

1. Skopje Aqueduct 

2. Monuments and Fountains

3. Kale Fortress 

4. Shop in the Old Bazaar

5. Museum of Macedonia 

6. Museum of Modern Art 

(Also get a great view of the city with the mountains outside the museum)

7. Bridges

8. National Gallery

9. Try local food 

(Soul Kitchen Restaurant) 

10. Visit Prilep (about 70 miles from Skopje)

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