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Monday, June 10, 2019

Veldheer Tulip Garden

Veldheer Tulip Garden was started in 1950 as a hobby garden by Vern Veldheer. He started out with only 100 red tulips and 300 white tulips and today it has grown to over 6 million and 800 varieties!
You can buy the bulbs of any tulips that you see. Each patch of tulips as a small white wooden tulip-shaped sign with a number. Upon entering you receive a booklet with numbers corresponding to the white sign in each tulip patch. After browsing through the fields of tulips and finding which ones you like the most, you can order the bulbs and they will be delivered to your house. I currently live in an apartment in a high-rise with no balcony so I did not buy any. I still loved walking through all the fields and enjoying all the different kinds of tulips. I had no idea there were so many different varieties. We arrived right when the gardens opened and were one of the first ones there. That's how we were able to take lots of photos without anyone in the back ground. I also recommend wearing flat shoes that you do not mind getting dirty. I rained the night before the so ground was a bit muddy and wet.

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