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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Disney Bounding Can Help Bring a Magical Touch to Everyday Wear

Dress Disney but make it fashion! Disney bounding is a great way to showcase your love of different characters in a creative way. It can bring a touch of magic into everyday life by incorporating your favorite character into what you wear daily. There is no need to buy excessive costumes to channel your favorite characters, you can use the clothing you have right in your closet. Below are some of my Disney bounding outfits:

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora Outfit

Everyday Disney Bound Outfits Aurora

Aurora Outfit costume ideas

Sleeping Beauty Disney Bound Skirt
Location: Pink Street, Lisbon Portugal 
Make it pink! Make it Blue! My favorite scene from sleeping beauty is when Flora and Merryweather are fighting over Aurora's dress color and end up make her dress pink and blue. I found a pink and blue skirt from Fairytale & Company that resembles that scene!

Outfit Details: Where to buy
Top: Chicwish

Minnie Mouse Outfit 
Disneyland outfit ideas

Disney World outfit
Location: Disneyland, Hong Kong 
Outfit Details: Where to buy:
Red Top: Amazon
Skirt: Amazon

Snow White Outfit
Disney Bound Snow White
Location: 925 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 
Outfit Details: Where to Buy:
Blue Heels: Sam Edelman
Blue Top: Amazon 
Yellow Skirt: Morning Lavender, Chicwish

Outfits for Disneyland

Disney Outfit inspiration

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