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Friday, June 4, 2021

Marilyn Monroe Recreation - Most Icon Look in White Dress - The Seven Year Itch


Marilyn Monroe is the most famous beauty icon in the world. I recreated her most famous movie scene where she is wearing a flowy white dress standing over a subway grate in the movie The Seven Year Itch. I tried to find a dress and accessories as close as possible to what she actually wore in the movie.  To be able to achieve this look took a lot of searching both in stores and online. Many costumes stores had a similar dress but the fabric and overall appearance looked cheap and I did not want the dress to look like an actual Halloween costume. I also wanted to be able to rewear the dress and not just have it for one photoshoot and then it would end up in the back of my closet. After many weeks of searching I found the perfect dress from the brand Tatyana Boutique and it is actually called the Marilyn! (Link for the exact dress is below). I already had a pair of white mules heels that looked very similar to ones Marilyn wore in the movie. Surprisingly the earrings took the longest to find aa large pearl earrings with rhinestones are not on trend at the moment. 

The last step for this recreation was finding the perfection location as a backdrop for this photoshoot. Luckily Chicago has a lot subway grates on the sides walks and I found one that was across the street from the Chicago Theater. 

Outfit Links (Affiliate)  

Exact Dress: Tatyana Boutique 

Similar Dress: Amazon

Heels: Amazon, ASOS, Shein

Earrings: Shein

Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume

white dress

New York


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