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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Barbie x Unique Vintage: Solo in the Spotlight

Growing up I was definitely a Barbie girl and have always had a love for vintage Barbie fashion. Unique Vintage has collaborated with Barbie to reproduce some of Barbie's original iconic fashion and I love the entire collection! Buried deep in the attic of my mom's house I found one of my Barbies from my childhood (a reproduction of the original Barbie) that had the same dress from Unique Vintage's Barbie collaboration. So naturally I had to twin with my Barbie and get the same dress that Unique Vintage came out with. This Barbie is called Solo is the Spotlight and features a fitted black shimmering sheath gown that flairs at the hem. 

The best part is that the dress is now on sale!


Sunday, August 11, 2019

29 Rooms Experience

"29 Rooms is a funhouse of style, culture and creativity"
The 29Rooms experience from Refinery29 is a celebration of art and culture through interactivity of 29 different rooms.  It is an experiential pop up that is traveling from city to city across the US.  Refinery29 brings together artists to create a collection of interactive installations for guests to experience first hand.  Below are some pictures from my experience when 29Rooms was in Chicago:


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